Mā māia, ko mātau. Mā mātau, ko momoho. Mā momoho, ka puta ki te whai ao, ki te Ao Mārama e - From hard work, comes confidence and expertise. From confidence and expertise comes success. With success we can go forth into the world with PRIDE!



Learning Spaces open - 8.30 am

Timatanga: School commences - 8:55 am

Break 1 - 10.40 - 11.00 am

Break 2 - 12.30 - 1.10 pm (Lunch eating at 1.10pm)

Kua mutu: School day ends - 3.00 pm


There are no school fees or donations. We do ask for a voluntary contribution toward overnight excursions and extracurricular activities. Stationery is also purchased by whānau and caregivers.

WHANAU AND CAREGIVER CONNECTIONSYour child's teacher, will always be happy to discuss your child's progress, welfare or behaviour with you. Please feel free to contact the school when a mutually convenient time can be arranged.

Three special opportunities are scheduled:

1. Early Term One: Kaiako Connection Korero

2. Mid Year: Student-Led Learning Conferences

3. End of Year: Learning Summaries