Mā māia, ko mātau. Mā mātau, ko momoho. Mā momoho, ka puta ki te whai ao, ki te Ao Mārama e - From hard work, comes confidence and expertise. From confidence and expertise comes success. With success we can go forth into the world with PRIDE!



The programme aims to provide a safe and stimulating programme which caters for the children’s different ages, genders etc while attempting to encompass individual needs and interests.

The safety of the children is the paramount consideration during programme provision. These procedures will be reviewed annually. It is the responsibility of the Porritt School Board to ensure that this is done.

These procedures apply specifically to Porritt Care but school policy and procedures may also apply where appropriate.

Copies of these procedures will be made available to parents at all times.

The Porritt Care building is based in a learning space adjacent to the school rugby field.